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28 Kick Start

It's Time.

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Hello Beautiful Mumma, welcome to Mums on a Mission. Boy are we excited to have you here! Right now we're making waves within Perth's Mum community and we want you to join us for the ride. 

We're coming up to 8 years on this amazing journey and we've got to say it just keeps getting better.

 If you've arrived here and are a little unsure about what this 28 Day Fitness Reset is, it's time to clear things up. The kick start is designed for women just like you who are busy juggling Mum life yet have got to the point that they need to give themselves some love and attention.

It's designed for women who are afraid to go all in and want to let's say date before we get married.


If you want to reclaim your health, fitness, confidence and show your body the love it deserves you're in the right place.


If you have doubts, fear & just aren't sure if you're ready to change your life you're also exactly where you're meant to be.


With the number one complaint from our members being "I wish I started sooner" we can tell you that now is the time to jump, ride, run and fly. Now's the time to make the change, unlock the freedom that's given through health & fitness and be the woman that says "I can do that". 


If you want to say yes to a more vibrant way of living, yes to summer loving and high energy living then it's time to say yes to you. Yes to kick starting and yes to an active life. 


Simply click on the "Buy Now" link below and follow the steps on the MINDBODY app. 

Once completed keep an eye on your inbox for more info & flick us an email at with any questions you may have.

Although we want to change the world we also want to service our members the best we can so SPACES ARE LIMITED.

With Love 

The MOAM Team 


Instant Access

Complete registration via the "Buy Now" link above to receive instant access. You can literally start at our very next session.


Access to all Locations

From our studio in Wangara to our outdoor locations in Burns Beach & Hillarys.

1 Hr

On-boarding Session

Once you have a few sessions under your belt you'll be booked into our next on boarding session. This session is designed to give you all the tools to succeed in our program. 

Unlimited Access Membership

Full access to all session on the timetable plus measurments sessions, workshops, and sessions 1 & 3 as above.

Master the

 4 Pillars of Wellness

Exercise, nutrition, mindset & support. 

Access to our Members Only FB Group

Your vibe attracts your tribe. You'll be a part of an inspirational group of women who have struggles as you have & come out stronger on the other side.

1 Hr Personal Development


As close to the 21 day mark you'll book in for a personal development session with Bec. Think of this as a chance to troubleshoot and overcome and hurdles that you need assistance overcoming.

Access To 35 Sessions Weekly

Bootcamp, Metafit, Pilates, Boxing, MetaPWR, Yoga & ZUU we have it all & you get to try it all.

Real Results




Summer Timetable

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