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 Holiday Sanity Package

Summer Holiday Package

Calmer holidays start by taking time for yourself.

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Last January I wrote a post about my Summer holiday experience and this year it's the inspiration for our school holiday program. 

Why because sometimes we get caught up in the school holiday fairy tale and forget the stress & pressure of this extended break.  

We often happily drop everything to spend every waking minute taking exciting adventures with our kids only to come crashing down 2 weeks in when we realise we forgot to consider our own needs. 

Sometimes we neglect ourselves only to discover that neglecting ourselves results in resentment towards others

This year we want that to change.

This year we want to help you through the Summer holidays by offering an outlet for Mums to do something for themselves.  

This year we want to help you to have more patience for your kids, be energised, stress-free and calm throughout the holidays.


Is it time to look after yourself these holidays and bring in the next decade feeling great? 


We think it's time!

Simply click on the "Buy Now" link below and follow the steps on the MINDBODY app. 

Once complete keep an eye on your inbox for more info & flick us an email at with any questions you may have.

SPACES ARE LIMITED so get in fast. 

With Love 

The MOAM Team 


Instant Access

Complete registration via the "Buy Now" link above to receive instant access. You can literally start at our very next session.


Access to all Locations

From our studio in Wangara to our outdoor locations in Burns Beach & Hillarys.

1 Hr

On-boarding Session

Once you have a few sessions under your belt you can book into our next

on- boarding session. This session is designed to give you all the tools to succeed in our program. 

20 Group Classes

Access to 20 classes between 20th Dec 2019 - 2nd Feb 2020.  

Master the

 4 Pillars of Wellness

Exercise, nutrition, mindset & support. 

Access to our Members Only FB Group

Your vibe attracts your tribe. You'll be a part of an inspirational group of women who have struggles as you have & come out stronger on the other side.

1 Hr Personal Development


As close to the 21 day mark you'll book in for a personal development session with Bec. Think of this as a chance to troubleshoot and overcome and hurdles that you need assistance overcoming.

Access To 34 Sessions Weekly

Bootcamp, Metafit, Pilates, Boxing, MetaPWR, Yoga & ZUU we have it all & you get to try it all.

Real Results

Summer Timetable 




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